Fire Colours Contractors

Pump, Tanks and Steel Structure Specialists

Whatever your needs?

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Fire Colour Contractors is a Level 1 BEE registered company in South Africa, with a procurement of 135%

Pump and Tank Division:

  • Installation of tanks underground, new lines, STP, Tank Interconnection

  • Tank Chambers, Pump Sumps and connecting pumps

  • Building Islands and do the forecourt concrete

    Above Ground Installation:

  • Building Bund Walls, Installing Tanks, Pipe Work, Spill Slabs and seperators

    Civil Works:

  • Site Closure / De-Installation

  • Repair Manholes

  • Repair of sagging pavements


  • Installation of electrical sleeves


  • Install and repair accident damage crush barriers

  • Remove and install Pumps, dispensers, suctions and making it safe

  • Repair Leaks

  • Changing of STPS

    Drive Ways:

  • Repair of Potholes

  • Painting of Bays

  • Curbing of Drive Ways

    Welding Division:

  • All installation by Schedule 40Pipes at the Depot's and all above ground installation

  • Building Bund Wall steps and hand railings

    Maintenance Services:

  • Pump Change-overs

  • Repairs to Submersible Pumps (STP)

  • Replacements of Submersible Pumps (STP)

  • Replacement of Faulty Leak Detectors

  • Pressurizing of delivery lines / suction lines

  • Replacement of any Faulty Fittings

  • Vacusonic testing of UST's (Underground Storage Tanks)

  • Pumping out of Water / Fuel

  • Replacement of Underground Pipe Work .i.e. applicable to all types of piping, meeting the Petroleum Industry Standards

  • Treatment of Contaminated Diesel Fuel

  • Filtration of UST's

  • Installationof ID Colours / Dip Caps and filler caps

  • General Maintenance     

Director: Ernest Ngwenya

Our Director on the Left Mr. Ernest Ngwenya

A man that have a hands-on approach to business.

Making sure everything are done to perfection.

Mr Ngwenya and our team have many years of experience

Let us do your work to your perfection!

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